The Nommos - USA / France / Goa

The Nommos started back in 1996 with their first release 'Po Tolo' ('We have watched the skies and waited!'), that came out on BNE. 'Amma' was the followup, featured on the 'Burning Man' mix by Goa Gil, and Mark Allen's 'Return to the Source' mix. The track was well accepted and widely played all over...

'Djembe' was their 3rd single, released on Avatar (Forest Of The Saints), and licensed for Asia by Sony Music. The Nommos are Ariane (France / India) and Goa Gil (USA / India). Gil and Ariane are former members of Kode IV. Gil is one of the first trance DJs and dominator of the Goa trance scene. In 1985 the two have met in India, and have been together constantly ever since.

The two being professional Djembe drummers, and Ariane being an African dance instructor and her keen interest in West-African traditional dance, have significant influence on their musical collaboration. Their rich psychedelic history for many years of involvement in tribal cultures, music and dance, have made their house in Goa a center of pilgrimage for many people from around the world, including the local and international media, who have been following this respected duo for years. Their debut album 'Digitaria' has managed to grab attention and interest from multiple directions and is much appreciated by music connoisseurs.

'Digitaria' was picked up by EMI and released in South East Asia, and is available for the first time even in places like Kathmandu... The album was actually recorded in several locations around the world, while The Nommos were on tour.
The Nommos are known to create the most cutting edge music to come out of USA, and are the trail blazers of this new style of music that represents the darker side of uncompromising Psychedelic Trance. Their exciting debut album enables us to take a closer look into the mysterious world of The Nommos. The story of The Nommos has been passed on for generations. An ancient advanced civilization, amphibian intelligent beings who carry the visual appearance similar to a fish. The ark of The Nommos, who came from the star Serious B (8.6 light years from earth), it is said to have landed on earth north east of the Dogon country.


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