The Nommos - Primal Meltdown

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The Nommos release their second album after their successful 'Digitaria' album, which was released in 2004..
Ariane Macavoy (AKA Nimba) and Goa Gil deliver with their 'Primal Meltdown', 9 new tracks that are released for the very first time. The album is an Ethno Psychedelic celebration and is inlaid with layers of cutting edge sounds. It seems that with every release The Nommos are heading for new peeks...

This fine album is the result of the outstanding collaboration between Ariane and Gil. The two join, each with his musical direction and skill; Ariane, a master in percussion, with a rich knowledge of West African music and dance. Goa Gil with his accumulation of years of psychedelic cutting edge sets and musical experience. Gil is one of the most experienced Psychedelic Trance DJs today and is probably the most senior one too. Ariane & Goa Gil have become an icon. They are the leaders in their field and have been operating as The Nommos for over a decade. On their side is an impressive devoted fan base. They are identified with quality, their crystal clear production and sound have become a source of reference. A new album from them is definitely an exciting event.

'Primal Meltdown' is a psychedelic consciousness, it is innovative and futuristic and at the same time, it is tribal, savage and dark. The album was recorded in San Francisco and in Goa.

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