The Nommos - Emme Ya

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Some parings make perfect sense right from the start. That's just the case with The Nommos (Ariane Macavoy and Goa Gil). The two are long-time heavyweight partners. They have established this joint venture of The Nommos back in 1996. This project is a melting pot to their artistic and musical ideas and their love to Africa.
The Nommos do not tend to release new material very often, a new release from them is nothing less than an exciting event. We are all astounded by, and immensely proud to be involved in their new album. We loudly and proudly present Emme Ya, an aural adventure, a journey to the mysterious and obscured world of Dogons. The Nommos unearth this unique tribe, its culture and tradition, that date back in history. They have witnessed, documented, and recorded some of the most rare and unusual ceremonies, rituals, and customs this remote tribe executes. The current complex situation they are experiencing is another reason why The Nommos put them in the spotlight and enhance awareness to this fragile civilization, endangered by a dictated and unwelcome wind of change in their habitat..
This 3rd studio album comes after two acclaimed albums on Avatar (and later, on Virgin/EMI). The album was recorded in San Francisco and includes rare field recordings and samples done by the two in Mali. Emme Ya is a solid structure to their revered far-out ideas and deep musical vision. The album is lush and consistent to their characteristic style. Pounding basslines overlayed on 3D holographic tribal beats and psychedelic textures. They weave a labyrinth of aural images and deliver an artistic criterion of the highest level. With tracks like Drums of Passion and Monkey Scream, they manage to combine dark psytrance and Africa music in a magical way, second to none. They never shy away to execute their artistic vision and ideas. Because the tracks were so excellently produced, they beam us to the location and point they wish to surface. The Nommos are identified as a trademark of quality and are becoming a source of reference for more and more artists.
This epic collaboration is a winning formula also because their musical background. Each carries the skills, the experience and musical direction: Ariane Macavoy, known for her outstanding Nimba project. A master in percussions and tribal instruments. She has rich knowledge in West African music and dance, as well as being an African dance instructor. Her keen interest in African drums and west African music and culture, goes beyond this project. Goa Gil, who aside of being a Shri Maharaj, is one of the dominant and most veteran and experienced Psytrance DJs on the planet. Behind him are decades of psychedelic cutting edge extended sets and musical experience. On his behalf are previous musical collaborations and knowledge in African music. Both are considered exceptional Djembe players. The Nommos roots are in the heyday of standard electronica. This release fast forwards that vibe to this present day, pointing the way ahead, a self- confession of their vision of Africa. As the scene has changed and re-shaped mainly for the better, The Nommos have influenced the lifestyle of so many peopleā€¦ they remain the trailblazers and dominant activists of the Goa psytrance movement, before it widespread and took additional forms.
With Emme Ya they draw a line, and mark a 3rd decade for this project. This is perhaps the best time of their career, and an obvious peak here. A welcome return to the cutting-edge electronica that the Avatar roster pioneered back in the '90s. The Nommos are using the trance dance experience to uplift their crowd and open their consciousness. They sustain their statement and continue to do what they do best: redefine the ancient tribal ritual for the 21st century.

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