Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is your demo submission policy?

We only accept CD or CD-R formats, or Soundcloud links. E-mail attachments will not be opened, and will be deleted automatically. We cannot personally respond to every demo sent to us, it would take too much time. We do listen to everything that is sent, and if we are interested in hearing more of your material, we will contact you. All that we require is your three best tracks, a brief bio, and contact information. Demos can be sent to:

For general inquiries, contact us at info(at)

2. How can I buy from Avatar shop?

- Buying from Avatar's shop is very simple.

- On the Catalogue section, you can see all Avatar releases.

- On the release page, you can select the media format you prefer: physical CD, digital download of the release on wav, digital download of the release on mp3 320 kbps.

- After selecting one of the above options, a new PayPal window will open, containing the details of the purchase.

- You can then select 'Continue Shopping' (will close the PayPal window), and select additional items to purchase. Every time you click Buy for an additional item, the reopening PayPal window will already contain the previously purchased items.

- On every release page, appears a button 'View'. When clicked, the PayPal window will reopen, containing the actual ordered items.

- When your order is completed, click 'Check Out' on the PayPal window. You will be redirected to PayPal website, where you have to complete the payment procedure.

- You can combine in one order physical and digital products.

- When you order a physical CD, the product (or products) will be shipped within 4 working days after payment was cleared. The products will be shipped to the PayPal provided address.

- When you order a digital product, after the payment is cleared, the download links will appear on the screen, and also an email containing the links will be provided . Please observe the download time frames provided in the email. They are long enough by any means for downloading the amount of data needed, and enough even for very slow internet connections also. Anyway, we never refused a customer by resending the relevant links, in case he didn't manage to accommodate to the time frames.

3. I'm a mail-order customer and have a question/concern about my order.

Please contact Avatar's Mail Order at sales(at)

4. I'm a distributor or store. Who do I contact about ordering releases for my territory?

Please contact ruth(at)

5. I want to license songs from Avatar artists, who do I contact?

Please contact avatar(at)

6. I want to book an Avatar artist. What are your booking terms?

Each artist has different terms. Please contact booking(at) for details.

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