Goa Gil - Kosmokrator

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From the prestigious series 'Deck Wizards', Avatar and Pro File present 'Kosmokrator' by trance Guru Goa Gil.

'Deck Wizards' has featured some of the finest DJs in Psytrance, like: Mark Allen, Tsuyoshi, Sid Shanti, Jean Borelli and DJ Dede. This title was originally released on Psychic Deli, and has not been available for a very long time…

On this chapter, Goa Gil mixes selected tunes from The Infinity Project (Graham Wood and Raja Ram), with a special mix of 'Phosphoressence' feat. Guss Till, Kuro from Japan are here with 'Thunderstorm', Shakta and DJ Ping Pong with the dancefloor smash 'Between The Nothing', Tim Healy as Sephalopod with 'Option Paralysis', The Nommos with the 'B Sirius Mix' of their debut track 'Po Tolo', Deviant Electronics and their 'Oxygen Cult', GMS with what is considered by many as their best track ever – 'Rollercoaster', MFG appear here with 'Alternate Dimension,' and Dimension 5 with 'Iron Sun'. The album is sealed with the killer all-time classic Deedrah remix for 'Lepton Heads' by Shakta.

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