Retrodelic Vibes 3

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Retrodelic Vibes 3 is the sequel story of the roots and milestones of psychedelic trance. Retrodelic Vibes treasures some of the super classic smile rising pieces from some of the good and respected names in trance.

As we all know, this incredible music has evolved and manifested in The Full Moon parties, where it all started: Koh Pangan, Hampi, Pushkar, and spectacular beaches of the party paradise - Goa.

RV3 carries 9 gems starting with Sheyba, with their one and only The 4th Dimension.
Infected Mushroom, one of the most popular bands in the world, expose the remix to their party smash Devil.
Astral Projection - The pride of Israel, together with Guy Sebbag in Another World. Etnica, Italy's leading trance band, with one of their biggest hits ever - Tribute.
The veteran, Blue Planet Corporation with this Xoco. This track had everyone "beamed" to other planets.. Back in those days, it was played by absolutely everyone!
Oforia - Ofer Dikovsky with his track that stands behind its name -Timelessness.
The Pleiadians - Max Lanfranconi with the lads give us their beautiful electrifying Alcyone, considered by many the best one from The Pleiadians.
The Nommos - Goa Gil & Ariane, Goa's well known residents, with their 3rd single Amma - tribadelic trance at its best.
Space Cat & Elysium, Avi Algranati and Kristian Anderson, with their wicked morning tune - Funky.

Some tracks here have not appeared on the artist albums, and were collected from DATs. All have been re-mastered and sound improved to ensure maximum retro stimulation..
Avatar's Retrodelic Vibes is considered as the official Bible of trance, and this chapter is eternal, and as classic as can be...

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