Goa Gil - Karmageddon

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Karmageddon is another bold album by Goa Gil, the world's No.1 Psychedelic Trance Guru. This important album is a follow to his previous brilliant mix Towards the One on Avatar and Sony Music. This album features tracks from the cream of the underground.
Goa Gil continues to do what he does best for so many years. He senses and discovers the upcoming names from the underground, and rises and exposes them to his ever growing crowd worldwide. His rich psychedelic history starts in the San Francisco scene of the sixties, and continues to a journey to India, 45 years ago. Having been a musician all his life, and doing intense yogic practices with his Gurus in the Himalayas, he tried to unite music and yoga into one spirit, benefiting this age. The result was the full moon parties and his concept of "Redefining The Ancient Tribal Ritual for the 21st Century". Goa Gil has always focused on trying to use the party situation as a medium to uplift the consciousness of the participants through the trance dance experience.
Goa Gil is one of the most respected and influential trance DJs. His long sets sometimes exceed 20 hours of nonstop innovative music, described by many as an enlightening musical and spiritual initiation.
Goa Gil is half of duo The Nommos, along with his wife Ariane (AKA Nimba). The two are known to be the preservers of the True Goa Spirit, and are operating from the heart of the psychedelic scene: Goa and San Francisco.
Karmageddon is considered one of the most innovative, dark cutting edge albums Goa Gil has ever delivered. To this journey he has chosen to recruit representatives from Japan, India, USA, Greece and Russia.

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