The Nommos - Digitaria

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The name Nommos is on everyone's lips lately... Ariane Macavoy (France/India) and Goa Gil (USA/India) have established The Nommos back in 1996. The first release "Po Tolo" (We have watched the skies and waited!) was released on several compilations, including 'The Language of Light' / Ceiba, 'Destination Israel' / BNE, and on Goa Gil's mix 'Spiritual Trance' Vol. 2 / Fairway. Their next release "Amma" was big in 1997 and was also included on Mark Allen's Return to the Source mix 'Shamanic Trance'. 'Djembe', released the following year, got a worldwide exposure, and was included on Goa Gil's mix 'Forest Of The Saints'. Their latest hit 'Here He Comes' appears on Goa Gil's new mix 'Towards the One', and is the first breed from the new album.

Goa Gil and Ariane are former members of Kode IV, with the hit single 'Near to the Divine', that was remixed later by Doof. Gil is one of the first trance DJs and a dominator of the Goa trance scene. The story of The Nommos has been passed on for generations. An ancient advanced civilization, intelligent beings who carry the visual appearance with similarity to a fish. The ark of The Nommos, who came from the star Serious B (8.6 light years from Earth), it is said to have landed on Earth north east of the Dogon country.

'Digitaria' is a tribal trance dance album that guides you to a journey and enables you to take a glance inside the mysterious world of The Nommos. The Nommos actually redefine the ancient tribal ritual for the 21st century.

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