Goa Gil - Worldbridger

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* You will receive the mix and the full separate tracks.

Worldbridger is an aural odyssey, an adventurous high tech heaven, building peaks and breaking boundaries in terms of sound and musical direction. In this album, The Maestro Goa Gil is daring more than ever.

All tracks have been written and composed specially for this album by cutting edge artists and producers, put together by The Top Psychedelic Trance Guru, gifted with the talent of sensing the sound of tomorrow. With every album he manages to set a new standard and change the consumption needs of the psy trance scene.
Goa Gil stands tall as one of the most popular and influential DJs today. His name is always tide up with the DJ elite, with a reputation built for over 30 years… He is also known as half of The Nommos, aside his wife Ariane Macavoy.

Goa Gil's musical journey began in San Francisco in the late 60s through the hippie Mecca - Goa, since the hippie period of the 70s and the Gurus in the Hindu Himalayas. Worldbridger draws a line. It is multi national, unites worlds, a spiritual sensual initiation and everything we have hoped for. After eight mega albums, Worldbridger positions Goa Gil as 'The Cyber Baba'.

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