Goa Gil - Music Baba

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* You will receive the mix and the full separate tracks.

Music Baba manages to break some myths about the sound barrierú and comes as the follow to his Shri Maharaj mix.
This disturbingly brilliant album has some of Goa Gil's Favorite modern artists of today with exclusive tracks for this mix, including the mindbender from The Nommos.
For years, thousands of people made their way, sometimes hundreds of miles, to see him perform in one of the few events that he plays.
Between each Kumba Melah, he does some touring and takes the time to concentrate on the music. A constant lineup of devotees follows him and are hooked to his music. Goa Gil is a figure respected worldwide. He is one of the founders and centre columns of the international psytrance movement.
Goa Gil was always daring, touching new ground, always a few steps ahead with his musical vision, exploring the sound of tomorrow.
Music Baba is a journey to the unpredictable…almost incomparable to his previous mixes.

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