The Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences

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Mystical Experiences: a legend? a mirage? or just simply one of the best ambient albums ever recorded?
The Infinity Project are Graham Wood, Simon Posford and Raja Ram, who are responsible for this magnificent creation. Mystical Experiences is the basic idea to their sequel project Shpongle and is considered by many as "the best Shpongle" album so far!
This special version of Avatar / Pro File has been re-mastered, and sound improved and is sounding greater than ever!
To absorb and achieve maximum stimulation, and enjoy the full spectrum of this masterpiece, it is highly recommended to listen to the whole album in one take. The CD includes a sticker of the front image, and the inner sleeve expands to a mini poster and features the original and full version of the mind-blowing molecule artwork by Brahma Templeman. Turn off the lights, relax, and dive into the mysterious world of Mystical Experiences.

..."No one saw its approach, a small point of light lost in the blur in the morning sun. It had been drifting for centuries with the inner solar system, like an iceberg in the ocean of inter-planetary space..."

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