Growling Mad Scientists - Chaos Laboratory

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Chaos Laboratory is the debut album from Growling Mad Scientists (GMS), originally released by Hadshot Haheizar / Germany. This fine album features the hit single 'Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep', that was widely played everywhere, and appeared on several compilations, as well as 'Jaws' and 'The Last Block', that was played by DJ Domino, and later featured on her mix CD.

Chaos Laboratory was a declaration of intent, and it is filled with originality, considered a breakthrough in concept, and a turning point in psytrance music.

This special Avatar / Pro File classic reissue comes with two extra bonus tracks, that did not appear on the original album, or anywhere else. The whole album has been digitally re-mastered, and sounds amazingly new. The sound has been upgraded significantly in compare to the prototype version.

GMS consists of Riktam and Banzi, who go together a long way, and have been investigating the club scene in Amsterdam at an early age. They found their passion in electronic music. However, it was Goa that gave them a main stage and a spring board, and that is the place where they have established their current recognition.
Chaos Laboratory features a third member, Yacov Biton from Israel, who had contributed to that special sound of this debut album, and has an important role in materializing the album. He left the band a while after its release.

GMS have secured themselves as a leading studio / live performance band. On their behalf are dozens of studio collaborations with artists, DJs and producers.

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