Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation

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Violent Relaxation by Total Eclipse is the 3rd release on Avatar's Pro File label. It is their 2nd album, and their best one they ever released. The album is a true heavyweight classic, and is considered to be one of the most important psytrance releases of all times. This double album is an art piece and includes 16 tracks, among them the big hits of Total Eclipse: Area 51, Chaotic Circus, Space Clinic, Espanolizer, Black Body Radiation and the unforgettable Blue Galaxie. These are some of the best trance and psychill tracks the band has recorded. Violent Relaxation is pure evidence to the outstanding abilities and symbiosis between Serge, Stephane and Loic.

This special edition was re-mastered and sound improved. It came at the 10th anniversary for this Bordeaux based band.

If you ever go to live in a remote island for the rest of your life, and can take with you only 10 CDs, this will be one of them !

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