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Gilbert Thevenet, (mostly known as Martin Cooper), is the man behind Asia 2001. He has been making music since the beginning of the last century's decade, and had been there since the expression "trance music" was first used.
France based Cooper has been producing music as Asia 2001, Loren-X, and other aliases, just like Moby on that same time.
On his early days he had several collaborations, including some interesting ones with Laurent Garnier, David Guetta, Scan -x and others.
During the 90s, Cooper released several albums on R&S, Polygram and F-Com, and at the same time released on his own label, Trans'pact Productions, that he established back in 1992 with his wife Thaisha.
Fly in the Rajasthan, one of his early Asia 2001 recordings, was a hymn at that time, and Nomads of the Future was heard in every party in Goa, while he was busy working on his Strange World album. The music of Asia 2001 was played by everyone in the early trance parties. Goa Gil, who was also a supporter of his music, included Vertige on his
Burning Man mix. With Angle Ice 12" released on Koyote, side by side to his Trans'pact EP with Anti from Spiral Trax.
Trans'pact was going from strength to strength, and was ranked at one point, the No.4 trance label in the world. With dozens of releases and an expanding catalog, the label gave a stage and was a prominent starting point for several artists including Spectral and Transwave, who have released their first tracks on Trans'pact.
Goa Exit grabbed additional attention, and the label was at its peak. In 1997, after the falling of Flying Distribution, Trans'pact (along with its two sub labels), concluded its activity. Same year, Asia 2001 and Trans'pact signed with Avatar.
Avichay Avigal has joined Asia 2001, and Ama Zone album came out in 1998 on Avatar. This album, as well as Dreamland that followed, were licensed to Sony Music, and both became available in East Asia, and even in countries like India, Sri Lanka and Taiwan, where they were released locally. Ama Zone was the first psytrance album ever to be manufactured and distributed locally on Indian soil, getting coverage on the local media and press, like the Times of India. X-Ray EP was played across Europe and the clubs in New York. It sold out fast, and was followed by the album Abduction, that had a more commercial trance direction. Adding the required club magic, the tracks took a slight mainstream twist.
Cooper appeared on Berlin's Love Parade, Europe, Israel and Canada. While touring New York and Los Angeles, promoting his Abduction album, he played in top clubs, incl. the legendary Limelight and Tunnel. He shared the stage with Carl Cox, Robert Leiner, Jennifer Lopez, Jeff Miles and Juno Reactor.
Amnesia (double album) marked the first 10 years of activity for Asia 2001. It included some of the big hits, rare tracks and unreleased material.

After a pause with releases, June of 2013 saw the latest album Contact that came out on Avatar, and was also licensed to Universal Music.
Asia 2001 was always affiliated to pure Goa trance style, and his melodies are simply timeless.
Cooper is a classic example where an artist has developed a unique, recognizable sound, without falling into the trappings of clich?d formulated tracks. After an influential period of over 2 decades, Cooper's trance music credentials are undisputed. Asia 2001 is positioned as one of the popular Goa Trance acts today.

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