Cydonia - In Fear Of A Red Planet

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Brighton based Cydonia consist of Dino Psaras, Steve Ronan and Ian Rive. The band has started off in 1993, together with acts like Juno Reactor and X-Dream, and had an important role in every playlist of every party.

Cydonia has released on Blue Room, Concept In Dance and Atomic, to name just a few. The band has collaborated with Man With No Name on Animals (Concept In Dance) and Shambala (Avatar), and did a fantastic remix for Ayahuasca for Paul Okenfold (Perfecto).

Cydonia have collaborated with Man With No Name on 'Animals' (Concept In Dance) and 'Shambala' (Avatar), and did a fantastic remix for 'Ayahuasca' on Paul Okenfold's Perfecto label.

In Fear Of A Red Planet is the only album from Cydonia. It was initially released on Blue Room. Shortly after it was out, the label has stopped operating, and the album was not available for a long time. In spring of 2003 the album was re-released on Avatar's classics label, Pro File. The album was digitally re-mastered, and featured a re-designed CD cover. The album includes collaborations with Tim Schuldt and Frontline Assembly..

DJ Dino, the main figure in Cydonia, is considered to be one of the most familiar and influential DJs in the psytrance scene, especially in the 90s.

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