Total Eclipse - France

Total Eclipse was founded by Stephane Holweck, Serge Souque and Loic Van Poucke. The three French musicians came together in 1992 to start the band. They are one of the true core originators of the genre goa trance. While they never received the same amount of attention as the likes of some who started with them at that time, like Juno Reactor, Astral Projection or Asia 2001, they are just as influential, to say the least. They were making highly melodic tracks as far back as 1992, and have some eternal classics tucked under their belt, from the milestone tunes "Aliens" and "Transparent Mind", to "Blade Runner", "Chaotic Circus", Total Eclipse's 1995 debut album, Delta Aquarids is a foundation stone by all means in the genre, but it is their sophmore release, the marvelous double CD from 1996, entitled Violent Relaxation where the trio really shone through, and brought what is by many, one of the absolute pinnacles of the old school goa/psy trance movement, and merits its place on the top shelf of every serious fan of trance music!

One of their obscured and rarest recordings together, Tenskwa Tawa came out on Avatar's Retrodelic Vibes 4.

1999 saw the trio surprisingly release a down tempo-break beat album called Access Denied. An album, different from anything they have done previously.

About a year later the band split with the departure of Serge Souque, who has also worked under the names Antidote, Deviant and Typhoon - aside the other members of the band.

Today Total Eclipse is Stephane Holweck, who is the sole member of the project. He continues to release and operate under this name.

Members of the band have previous collaborations with artists like the pop band Brilliant, Juno Reactor and the band had made remixes for Sven Vath, Prana and more.


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