Orion - Futuristic Poetry

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Futuristic Poetry is the debut Orion album, originally released on the late UK based Symbiosis Records (Tony Puglia & DJ Han Solo). Orion consist of Jean Borelli and Mino Vaknin, a semi Danish / Israeli duo, what makes Orion sound extra interesting... Both are based and operating from Copenhagen.

Jean Borelli is a respected DJ/producer and has been around for the last two decades. Jean Borelli is also known as half of Sheyba together with Elysium. Borelli also has a previous project with Sid Shanti under the name Conspiracy Theory. Mino is the other member that makes up Orion. A professional drummer with an experience of over 20 years in drumming, who toured with Fred Wesley (James Brown's trombonist), Mino is considered a master ! His live performance on stage is said to be astonishing. Mino is also known for his work with Cafe Del Mar and has previous releases as Messiah and Hypnosis (Phantasm / Transient ). Orion is one of the more important and influential acts to come out of Denmark aside names like Koxbox.

Futuristic Poetry is psychedelic night style album that takes us to ancient tribal Latin America and is rich with tribal beats and influences. The challenging drum patterns and percussion are accompanied by a deep and uncompromising baseline.

Orion's sound is "large" and dynamic, a shamanic experience and dance floor mayhem. The album includes Nazca Spider, with the rolling mega baseline. This one went well on nature parties, just around the time the sky starts to become slightly brighter..! And the long remembered Rooster, another psychedelic party tune that was initially released as an EP with Akeru (on the B side), both are available here on the album. The Source, one of Orion's biggest hits is featured here in addition to an Elysium remix for the same track. On this special Pro File edition all tracks have been fully digitally re-mastered and there is a bonus 9 min. tune titled The 8th. This track is exclusive for this edition of the album only.

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