Prana - Japan

Prana is a project that started back in 1993 by Tsuyoshi Suzuki, who came to the scene after being inspired by a trip to Goa. He joined Nick Taylor, when the two have met in Tokyo when Taylor was working in an African restaurant. Later Andy Guthrie joined. Tsuyoshi and Taylor have collaborated initially, and released a self-titled EP and an album titled 'Rite of Passage' as Blissed, but this project was not psytrance.
In July that year, Tsuyoshi moved to London to work with Taylor, and they released the first work by Prana in 1994, doing several singles for various compilations, before signing onto Tsuyoshi's own recently-begun Matsuri Productions label he started that year with John Perlof. The base of the project was the city of London. They became one of the most acclaimed pioneers of Goa Trance music style.

At that time they were also active under the name Taiyo, and released their first album same year on Step 2 House Records/France. The album was followed by several successful EPs released on Inter 1 Records and Matsuri. Their second album 'Cyclone' was the first album released under Prana in 1996. It was actually a compilation of their best tracks produced between 1994 and 1996. Most of them were previously released. The following album, 'Geomantik' was released in 1997 and included 4 new tracks produced by Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Andy Guthrie, and 5 remixes by other artists and groups including Total Eclipse, Chakra, Green Nuns of The Revolution and more? By the time 'Geomantik' was ready for release in 1996, Taylor had left London, moving to Australia to work with Andy Guthrie of Medicine Drum, while Tsuyoshi was performing internationally as a psytrance DJ.

During these years Tsuyoshi was naturally associated with Matsuri. He did extensive touring worldwide and promoted the label and its sounds. Tsuyoshi was also known for his part of Return to the Source and Megatripolis among other cycles, and is considered to be one of the veteran Goa trance DJ's.

Prana is a prominent name that comes up when talking of Goa Trance. It is specially known for its solid funky grooves and bouncy compositions. 'Boundless' and 'Alien Pets' are among their underlined achievements. 'Geomantik' is the flag release of Prana. Its best format is the re-master version on Avatar's Pro File. Prana definitely has its own sound, and by the standards of modern psytrance pundits the music is quite dated and contains a lot of sounds and elements which have become cliche.


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