Hux Flux - Cryptic Crunch

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Cryptic Crunch is the debut album from Hux Flux, and is probably their most highly rated release up to date.

Dennis Tapper founded Hux Flux after being inspired by the now legendary forest parties outside of Orebro. Dennis first released Time Slices / Perceptor, back in 1998. He was soon joined by Jonas Pettersson (later to form Logic Bomb), which resulted in the hugely successful debut album Cryptic Crunch in 1999. Hux Flux immediately became a popular live-act, and jetting to exotic places such as India, Russia, Morocco, Brazil and South Africa. Later, Dennis moved to Stockholm and started producing with his old friend Henrik Fietz. The first release from that partnership was the now classic track 'Idiot'. After a few sporadic releases on various labels, Hux Flux released the single 'Lex Rex Perplex'/ 'Errorhead' on Spiral Trax in 2000.

Hux Flux original members consist of Dennis Tapper, Jonas Bergvall, Jonas Pettersson & Johan Krafft. The last two have left the group after Cryptic Crunch and formed Logic Bomb.
4 years after the album was released, a second album came, 'Division By Zero', that took the band in a slightly different musical direction, more identified with today's full on, a fact that made people realize clearly that Cryptic Crunch was truly original and a meaningful breakthrough at the time it was released. With tracks like Calculus, Elixir, or Time Slices, there is no place for doubt...

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