Sandman - Witchcraft

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Avatar and Pro File proudly announce the re-release of one of the most important and rare albums in psychedelic trance ever: 'Witchcraft' by Sandman. Originally released on Tsuyoshi Suzuki's label Matsuri.

Behind Sandman stands Itzik Levi, a talented young guy from Tel Aviv. Itzik actually wrote 'Witchcraft' when he was 19 years old only! Eventually, Itzik was the first Israeli artist to be signed on a none local label at that time. 'Witchcraft' came out back in 1998. The album has instantly picked up a great deal of interest and demand, since there was a huge expectation for an album from Sandman. Unfortunately, the album was not available anywhere in the world, since a short time after its release Matsuri has stopped its activity. The album became a big issue and everyone was trying to set a had on a copy...

Sandman is the duke of darkness, his music cuts like a knife, a psychedelic orchestra that is backed by a mass of samples that carry secret messages. Sandman has an impressing resume behind him with releases on Matsuri, Symbiosis, BNE, Hadshot Haheizar, Blue Room, TIP and more.
'Witchcraft' is eternal, the peak of Sandman's musical carrier and is considered Phenomenal. The fact that it was nowhere to be found made it even more "most wanted" in different corners of the world. This fine album includes some of Sandman's best tracks like 'Shockwave' and 'Nostradamus' (written with DJ Bansi/GMS).

This special Avatar edition features a bonus additional unreleased track titled 'Faith', that is not available anywhere else. This track was written at the same time Sandman was working on the album but it never saw the light of day. The lucky ones that go to see Sandman perform live will probably recognize this track....
Avi Algranati is responsible for the mastering here as well as additional engineering work on the album, what upgrades the sound to a stage of perfection. The artwork on the album is identical to the original and features the original amazing painting by Alex Gray.

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