Asia 2001 - Strange World

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The time is 1996, it's the happy Goa years.. Original trance music is all over the place. Asia 2001 and Martin Cooper's music can be heard from every corner, on every party from Goa to Koh Pangan. Asia 2001 is nothing short of a hit machine. That special Goa Trans'pact sound is easily recognized.. That simplicity in those euphoric tracks that combine timeless uplifting atmospheric and dreamy melodies.. It's friendly Goa trance. That is just another reason why people flash on the musical style of Asia 2001.

Strange World came in the peak of the glory days of Trans'pact. This classic Goa trance album quickly vanished from sight with the fall of 'Flying Distribution'. Labels like Trans'pact and TIP just had to close.

Martin Cooper is enjoying increasing popularity, as today more and more people are appreciating and are into good original Goa trance. Many have come to the conclusion and understanding that there is no need to "reinvent the wheel". That is why there is a massive demand for classic Goa trance. Asia 2001 is a trail blazer. His musical direction is second to none.

With this release we are marking 20 years for Asia 2001. It is important for us to make this album available again, after it has not been available for so many years. This re-release on Avatar's Pro File label as a special version that includes 2 additional bonus rare tracks, which did not appear on the original release.
Strange World is a classic Goa trance album, and is considered a milestone in trance music.

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