Goa Exit

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For years, this album was unavailable, and the wait was worth it. Pro File by Avatar is happy to announce the release of GOA EXIT from the legendary classic and prominent label Trans'pact.
This album was fully re-mastered and is sounding greater than ever. It is another piece of hard evidence to the important role that this label had in laying the foundations of Goa trance.
Martin Cooper (Gilbert Thévenet) is the blueprint of psychedelic trance in France and Europe. He was the inspiration and influencing figure for many to follow his footsteps.
Martin Cooper helped define the sound of Trans'pact (and its sublabels). Many of today's old school Goa heads grew up on music released under his scepter. Classic style, golden reefs, and psychedelic textures that retro heads treasure so much.
Cooper appears here under several of his projects. This is an anticipated return to the purity and originality that the label roster pioneered back in the ‘90s. The album also includes world debut from Spectral.
This album was widely played back in the days in Goa and forests across Europe.
This is an unforgettable, impressive, updated release from old school pioneer of psychedelic trance.

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