Chap 2

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The definition of classics most certainly applies on CHAP 2 from Trans'pact. The track list will be familiar to pro trance heads, while a few names will be known to the rest. This compilation includes just several names that recorded on Trans’pact. The material on the album consists of singles released as vinyl, most of them extremely rare. The album is a time tunnel to the original form and dimension of Goa trance.
Trans’pact played a key role and contributed significantly to the French psytrance movement and community.
The sound of Trans’pact has always been notable from a distance when making the way though the woods to the party.
Martin Cooper, the dominant and living figure behind the label, always had a clear musical vision and defined direction of the content picked up, and almost every release is a classic retro piece. Chap 2 is another example to the innovation and originality of Trans’pact. The label became a reference and source of inspiration for other artists that emerged. The spirit and rhythm of life that the label has brought, is a beating heart and a living flame that continues to shine bright, for almost three decades.
The album is fully digitally remastered, after over two decades that it was not available at all and nowhere to be found.

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