Andromède (Psychédélique Transition)

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Pro File by Avatar has something very special for you: Andromède, from the legendary and revered label Trans'pact.
This album is another piece of hard evidence of the important role that this label had in laying the foundations of Goa trance. Martin Cooper (Gilbert Thévenet) helped define the sound of Trans'pact, the sound that fans around the world hold dear. Classic style, golden reefs and psychedelic textures that retro heads treasure so much.
Cooper is the main artist on Andromède, and appears here under several of his projects. This is a welcome return to the cutting-edge electronica that the Trans'pact roster pioneered back in the 90s.
There is no doubt, many of the trees in Goa and forests across Europe remember the tracks on the album. This is an unforgettable, impressive, fully remastered release from old school pioneer of psychedelic trance.

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