Loren X - Definitive Perception

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Gilbert Thévenet (RIP), the man and the legend, is behind Loren X and this legendary rare album 'Definitive Perception'. Originally released on Polygram and considered an innovative outstanding ahead of its time release from the early days of Europe's techno trance.
At the time this album was recorded, Gilbert (also known as Martin Cooper) was busy making music with artists like Laurent Garnier, David Guetta and Scan-X. They all grew up in the same backyard and shared their musical background and ideas. It is obvious that these collaborations with Loren X had an impact on their musical direction and further carriers.
Gilbert was known for using a wide range of equipment, while insisting on specific gear, including a unique customized synthesizer that was modified for this album.
After several Loren X titles on Trans'pact, in addition to releases in Italy and Belgium, Gilbert Thévenet has assembled 'Definitive Perception'. On top of this being the only Loren X album ever recorded. It is almost impossible to find a physical copy of the album. This re-release was fully remastered, and is now available digitally for the first time ever.

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