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Asia 2001 is the French based Goa Trance pioneer Gilbert Thevenet, also known as Martin Cooper. He has been around since the expression "Trance music" was first used.
RA is the first Asia 2001 album Martin Cooper has recorded, and is the first Asia 2001 album released on Trans’pact in 1996. Less than a year later, the album became unavailable, as it completely sold out. The album was never re-printed since.
RA is considered a milestone in psytrance, that some fans around the world hold dear. Many could not set hand on original copy or files of the album, and had to listen to it mostly on pirate websites. Now this all-time Goa Trance classic is finally available again for the first time on Avatar / Pro File. In order to preserve the sound and feel of the original release, we have only remastered several tracks with the help of Avi Algranati @ SpaceCat. Asia 2001 is the first psytrance artist in the world to have his albums printed and released locally in countries like India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The first is where the Goa Trance movement has become dominant. Companies like Sony Music initially, and later, Virgin and Universal, discovered the potential in his music. In addition, under his belt is a special double album printed and released locally as far as Taiwan and Singapore.
Asia 2001 has remained faithful to his style and musical direction. Martin Cooper was always affiliated to pure Goa Trance, and his melodies are timeless. He is a classic example of an artist that has developed a unique, recognizable style and sound that remain relevant for more than two decades.
RA stands tall so many years after it was released, and is considered to be another outstanding musical achievement, one that contributed in defining the term Goa Trance till this day.

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