Goa Gil - Spiritual Trance

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Avatar / Pro File have chosen to contribute to the worldwide retrowave with the re-release of one of the all time classic and rare psytrance CDs from the happy Goa days. This CD from trance guru Goa Gil, is one many have been trying to find for years.

Spitual Trance is a mythological mix. It was considered at the time of its release, as one of the most leftfield and innovative trance CDs. The track list is known to almost every forest, coconut grove and beach in Goa, from Anjuna to Arambol. The album has not been available for over 17 years. This re-issue preserves the look of the original one, released 19 years ago. Cutting edge and memorable tracks… with names like Astral Projection, Kode IV, Har-Ell and Transwave, there can be no mistakes..

This mix offers a unique insight into the world of psychedelic trance. Goa Gil is not one to allow himself, or his music, to stagnate. Every mix has shown an artistic growth and a fearless approach. There is no doubt this is one of the most prominent releases in psychedelic trance, and till this day, is a CD people mention..
This is a timeless true heavyweight subsequent classic that reflects the true Goa Spirit.

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