Goa Gil - Cyber Baba 2000

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Cyber Baba 2000 came at a time that is still fresh in our minds. Nights and days at Bamboo Forest, and locations in Anjuna and other Goan villages. More than that, it reminds the excitement in Goa, when the cream of world's psytrance scene were there. The highlight was the unforgettable 37 hour set of Goa Gil @ The Paradiso, when he marked the start of the new Millennium.
Goa Gil is perhaps the most respected and recognized Psytrance DJ today. This mix was considered rare, and was unavailable for years. Now, it will be available again on Pro File by Avatar. Tracks from Droidlock, Hux Flux, Infected Mushroom & Deedrah, Manmademan, Bamboo Forest and more..
This album is not only for those who want to complete their Goa Gil collection, but for all psytrance music lovers.

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