eniChkin - Russia

It all finally happened in spring of 2004. Sergey Nazarenko sat in his Moscow based apartment and collected his thoughts together. Having paid his duties as an author of poetry, noise and hard rock some years earlier, he thought of eniChkin project and decided to bring some ideas to reality.

Today he is considered as one of the leaders in his field and IDM (Intelligent Dance Music). eniChkin has released some singles here and there, managing to grab attention from multiple directions. Later, he has moved on to doing his first album, 'A Particle Of Infinity'. That was the beginning of his breakthrough. Influenced by the movement and music of the magical 60s, eniChkin has grabbed Goa Gil's attention. The two had common language, since Goa Gil grew up at the 60s, and was in the centre of the Height Ashbury scene in San Francisco, where the things were happening.
Having been supported by Goa Gil, Sergey was wisely guided to a more uptight and definite sound direction. Things were happening fast and the two have managed to finalize eniChkin's 2nd album 'In Memory Of Love'. The album immediately received enormous recognition and the press loved it.

Sergey claims that he focuses more on his consciousness and the vibrations of his heart. In his music he tries to form reflection of his life experience and the soundscapes of his mind.


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