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The name Toi Doi hides Gilles Coia, a talented musician from the suburbs of Paris. In April 1997 he emerged from the deep underground of the scene of France, with the first single 'Asymptote' on POF. Shortly after that, Goa Gil, who has been supporting Toi Doi and was actually the one to "discover" him, got Avatar to sign him. The result: 'Particule', his first track on Avatar, is released in 1998.

His studio is located in the wing of the hunter's lodging, in an old estate of an aristocratic family outside of Paris. The landscape of the surrounding forests and their wild life is another source of inspiration for Gilles, in writing his extraordinary and original music.

Althouh his roots are in ballet and jazz, he has chosen to deal with electronica; from trance to ambient via trip hop. For years, Toi Doi has been experimenting with new machines, inventing and designing sounds. His music is the outcome of hard work and devotion, enthusiasm injected and still, exposing just one side of his life story.

This debut album 'Technologic' includes the party smash 'Enfants Sacres' and the beautiful and exciting 'Up Days' which is second to none. This album as all his music, as he states, is a creation based on technology and logic, two elements which accompany him on his day to day life.

Toi Doi has an expanding list followers and is a respected brand name in the underground.

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