Asia 2001 - Dreamland

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Martin Cooper has been producing music since the beginning of the last century's decade. Has been around with Asia 2001 since the expression "trance music" was first used, and is among the very first trance music producers in the world. Cooper, the man behind Asia 2001, is also known as Loren-X. Under his belt are earlier works and albums on Trans'pact, R&S, Polygram, F-Com, Distance, Koyote and more. Cooper is based in France, and is operating from his Stargate studio.

Cooper is an active guy, and among others, has collaborated with such as Laurent Garnier, David Guetta, and trance DJs.. In 1997 Asia 2001 was signed to Avatar Records, and a year later his brilliant Ama Zone album was released.

Dreamland is one of the most successful albums from Asia 2001. The album deals with worlds beyond, and is actually a "fantasy" album. It is underlined since it includes party hits like: Anafuzz, Orion in Maroc, Profetic, The Last Survivors, and of course, the eternal Dreamland.

Like his previous album, this one also has been licensed by Sony Music, and released in countries like India and Taiwan, where it was well received. The album was also released as a special double LP 12" version.

Asia 2001 is one of the more popular names in trance, with live appearances in Europe, incl. Berlin's Love Parade, Israel, Canada and USA. He appeared In New York's top clubs, like Limelight and Tunnel. Asia 2001 shared the stage with a lineup of artists, including Carl Cox, Robert Leiner, Jeff Miles and Jeniffer Lopez.

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