Jupiter 8000 - Twisted Bliss

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Trying to describe the new Jupiter 8000 album will not be an easy task, for its rich and diverse textures and musical direction... the word Brilliant! will be just right...!

'Twisted Bliss' is the brand spanking new album from Boris Blenn, who is also known as Electric Universe. If the first Jupiter 8000 self titled album was more progressive and technoish, the new one is more close to the direction of Electric Universe and is dominated by strong and uncompromising reefs and shining compositions. This exciting 2nd album for Jupiter 8000 comes after a space of almost 5 years since the first album on Nova Tekk.

'Twisted Bliss' carries 10 first class ballistic top of the line new and unreleased tracks. 'New Moon' is an interesting collaboration between Boris Blenn and Sid Shanti, and how can we not mention the divine vocals of Ana Silvera on the beautiful track 'Inside'. Tracks like 'The Memory' and 'Atem' (Rmx) will blow you away with their power and optimism and are just another evidence to the boundless musical abilities of Boris Blenn.

Boris Blenn, being a trademark of quality and one of Germany's leading electronic producers delivers here a true jewel that will take to you high, to places you want to be...

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