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Current Pathways is Mahadev, aka Matt Gangi (GANGI, Ivory Fields, Fake Estates). Mahadev operates from California and is currently based in the Verdugo Mountains of Glendale in Los Angeles County. With Tattvas, Mahadev deals in an ego-free world of elements. Ideas range through frequency, amplitude, and duration in a session of experiments in the illusion of time, as Mahadev puts it.
Mahadev creates his music combining sounds and recording techniques that are anything but ordinary. He uses modular synthesizers, circuits that he hand-built, string instruments, vocals, gong, samples, and field recordings taken while practicing in India. The record was mixed to a revived reel-to-reel tape machine and other analogue circuits, a technique that is hard to come by and rarely used nowadays.
Sonic influences on the mini album include Suzanne Ciani, Delia Derbyshire, Alio Die, Brian Eno, Laraaji, Pauline Oliveros, Daphne Oram, & Steve Roach. The record was inspired by Guru Ji Goa Gil who has been supporting and djing the record at the close of his 24+ hour performances. Some original ideas can be heard on Tattvas, incl. organic live samples and a revived bassline from a show GANGI played in Brooklyn from a semi-cover of a song from the 1980's L.A. punk band, the Germs. The 5th track was recorded separately from the record. The main mantra is recited by Swami Pratik Chaitanya Ji. The Swami is a brother to Mahadev, since they met at the Kumbh Mela in Prayagraj that he participated in by Guru Ji's [Goa Gil's] grace.
Current Pathways has toured across the United States and Internationally. Besides GANGI, he worked and has recorded with Ivory Fields and Fake Estates.

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