Astropilot - Fruits Of The Imagination

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Astropilot was another discovery of Avatar. He has made an impressive presentation on 'The Riddle of Santa Catherina' with Son of The Sky and Yasmin. His style has gained him a reputation as one of the promising contemporary psychill musician to come out of Russia.

Behind Astropilot is Siberia based Dmitry Redko. His location is another reason why his musical direction is not distracted by the "standard" European sound.

Fruits Of The Imagination is his world debut album. There are no big guns in the album, and no undercurrent. His message is clear and innocent, optimistic and euphoric. With tracks like Arimoya, Sansara, and the heavenly Touch of Heaven. A clear effort to bring a message of peace is projected through hi tech-ethno soft trance and psychill, in the form of soulful optimistic beats combining Indian vocals, which contribute to the general ambiance.

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