Asia 2001 - Ama Zone

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Ama Zone is a hits album, bouncy melodic psytrance, cooked and produced in that familiar classic Asia 2001 style. Ama Zone was officially the first Goa trance album to be released locally in India (Sony Music), where parts of it were even used on advertisements on national TV. The album was also licensed and released locally in Taiwan and was available as far as Colombo and Kathmandu.
During the year of its release, Martin Cooper was already gathering ideas for his next album. He did some extensive touring, and was seen a lot in Belgium, Israel, Canada and the US.
By the time the album was ready, it was designated to be the first Asia 2001 album on Avatar. During that time, Cooper and Avichay were working on new material under their Avatar project. Their Kabal track was played by Goa Gil, who chose it to open his Forest Of The Saints mixed album, as well as the Paradiso remix of Vertige, that came out on Goa Gil's Burning Man mix, around the same time.
Ama Zone continues to be one of those albums that bring back sweet good memories from the happy "Goa days"...

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