Overdream - Ukraine

Overdream is a psytrance duo from Kiev, Ukraine.

Makus and Dana Do, a couple in real life, and an artistic duet on the stage and in the studio. They dove into psychedelic scene in the late 90s, and are living it since.
Overdream emerged in 2006 as a nightpsy project, and later they have also released psychill and downtempo music.

Nightvision (VA) 2007, released by Avatar Records, featured 2 of their tracks, and was the first collaboration of Overdream and the label. In addition, they have outstanding track on Avatar's concept series "The Riddle". Their debut album 'Wonderwise' followed late 2008. Overdream released 2 EPs on Avatar: 'Sun Follower' (2011) and 'Leary' (2012). Besides Avatar Records, Overdream appeared on labels such as Pixan, Samana, Dimensional, Nabi, Visionary Shamanics, Sun Station and others.

Today, Makus is busy not only making and performing trance music, but also mixing and mastering EDM in his own studio, and working on a local TV channel as a sound engineer.

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