Asia 2001 - Amnesia

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On this lovingly created double CD are 21 pearls from different stages of Asia 2001 (Martin Cooper).
This French artist started his musical carrier in 1989 as Martin Cooper, Loren-X, and other aliases. A few years later he formed Trans'pact with DJ Thaisha (Barbara). The two have an impressive discography on their record as Trans'pact, having released over 50 12" vinyls and albums. They have managed to grab a great deal of attention in the French and European markets, premiering releases from such as Spectral, Transwave and others.

Martin Cooper has inspired musicians in France, Belgium and the UK, functioning as an influential source, and received recognition from top artists and DJs who have approached him from multiple directions, with requests for collaboration. A pioneer who has contributed a great deal in establishing the term Goa Trance back in the 90s, aside acts like Total Eclipse and Juno Reactor. His music is played by every DJ that respects himself, and he has gigged with leading names like Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Paul Van Dyke, Jeff Miles and Sven Vath, to name a few. He played in numerous events and festivals including Berlin's Love Parade, and his sets have made headlines in South East Asia and New York, where Jennifer Lopez gave him the warm-up in the 'Tunnel'.

We have managed to gather here some of his most precious recordings, some released on rare and unavailable Trans'pact compilations, studio cuts, remixes, and some tracks that were kept hidden and never saw the light of day, presented here for the very first ever. On the album we find postcards, like Nomads of the Future, Strange World and Ra, tracks that no party was complete without, as well as remixes for Orion and Vertige, that appeared on Goa Gil's Burning Man mix. Cooper has studio collaborations with Scan -X, David Guetta, French Damien, DJ Anti, Avichay and others. Avi Algranati is in charge of assembling and re-mastering this tribute, and has contributed with an awesome remix to the everlasting Dreamland, that is one of the biggest hits from Asia 2001.

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