Jupiter 8000 / Electric Universe - Germany

Electric Universe project started when Micky Dressler and Boris Blenn first worked out some tunes in 1991. Solar Energy maxi was created to be the second release of Spirit Zone Record label founded by the famous goahead DJ Antaro in Hamburg.

The album One Love and Online Information maxi followed. Online Information became a big hit especially in east Europe, because of its "Eastern style" harmonics. Meanwhile Micky decided to study Multimedia subjects in Berlin. The Electric Universe story continued with the Stardiver album in 1997.

After producing a lot of typical psychedelic stuff, their style went into a more "Techno influenced direction". The first result was the Waves album in 1998. Blue Planet album was released in spring 1999, and was a reflection of all the different styles Boris Blenn went through in recent years. It also includes the renown Guitar track Meteor, he produced together with the guitarist Roland "Chico" Wedig. Since this collaboration, the two have went on and performed together on Boris's live sets. Among other collaborations, Boris has collaborated with DJ Sangeet, on the Endora EP - Joy on Matsuri, and also collaborated on the Electric Universe Star Diver album in 1997, in addition to 'The Quest' released on Sangeet's first solo album. Back the past Boris Blenn was part of Paradise Connection, with one album and two singles on High Society Records. On the way he has also released two singles on Polytox Rec. for The Rainbow Spirit project. After teaming with Space Tribe for an interesting collaboration for their mutual project ESP, the two have released 2 full albums in result of this fruitful collaboration..

During 1996, Boris Blenn was getting more and more into ambient music. The result was The project Galaxy and the Angel album on Blue Room in 1998. The album was a collection of floating electro beats to chill out. The second Galaxy album was ready in summer 1999, and released in early 2000. By 2010 Boris has released a total of 4 albums under Galaxy.

The project Jupiter 8000 was founded in the summer of 1999. The first self-titled album came out on Nova Tekk. After a pause of 5 years and an impressive studio work, a second Jupiter 8000 album Twisted Bliss was released on Avatar in 2004 and is considered his best work so far - for this project.

Today Electric Universe has 11 albums released so far.


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