Asia 2001 - Abduction (Expanded Edition)

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This album is a re-mastered and expanded version of the Abduction studio album of Asia 2001. Originally recorded in France and finalized in NY in 2001. Released in the middle of Asia 2001 US extended tour. On that tour he shared the stage in NY with Jenifer Lopez and several others. Abduction followed his highly acclaimed Dreamland album.
For a while, Martin Cooper had his look on additional directions, this is why the orientation of this album was considered for some as a shift to a more club style vibe.
The outcome was that several tracks from the album made their way to the NY's night scene, and got some serious plays in NY clubs like The Monster, Limelight, Roxy and others.

*This expanded special edition Includes 4 additional bonus tracks, never released before. This version is not in the mix (as the original). The tracks are full and separate.
The sound in this special issue is updated, and reflects the same vibe and sound of the original album.

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