Yoga Lounge 2

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Yoga has always been a perfect way to reach out and touch one’s inner self for peace and harmony between man a nature. A portal to a state of meditation for the body, mind, and soul.
Yoga Lounge 2 | Spirit of Meditation was assembled in dedication to Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, AKA Osho. A spiritual leader who came up with the idea of Dynamic Meditation, and preached an eclectic doctrine of Eastern mysticism & individual devotion.
The album is a total relaxation session guided by the magnificent angelic music of Sonic Scope. A lot has been said about Osho and from various perspectives. This unique and unusual man managed to combine elements of many religions, while adding an extra dimension. His new type of meditation involved letting go of all attachments to the past, future, and ego. He began teaching in 1957. At the age of twenty-one he had an intense spiritual awakening. It is claimed that he attained enlightenment or Samadhi, which inspired him the belief that individual religious experience is the central fact of spiritual life. Being a guru and a teacher of meditation he initiated people into the order of sannyasis. He taught his disciples to live fully in the world without being attached to it.
The first Westerners came to Rajneesh in the early ‘70s, and in 1974 he moved with his disciples to Pune, India. There he established a new ashram in a comfortable setting of six acres. The basic practice at the center was called dynamic meditation. The Center also developed a diversified program of New Age healing.
Rajneesh moved to the United States in 1981 and, the following year, incorporated Rajneeshpuram, a new city he planned to build on an abandoned ranch near Antelope, Oregon. Osho died on January 19th, 1990, in Pune. In the early 21st century it had some 750 centers located in more than 60 countries. This individual has touched many people in many ways… some say he was deep as the ocean; some say his presence was instant enlightenment.. His Ashram in Puna remains a living landmark and a monument for his journey and achievement.
My meditation is simple. It does not require any complex practices. It is simple. It is singing. It is dancing. It is sitting Silently.” Osho

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