Thomas Leer - UK

Thomas Leer is a notable and respected figure in the music scene, especially during the new wave era. He has been praised by the British press for his innovative music.
His ‘Conversation Peace’ album on Avatar is a remarkable album that showcases Leer's talent for blending different musical styles such as chillout, big beat, and atmospheric tunes. The fact that the album contains a mix of these elements speaks to Leer's versatility as a musician.
Among collaborations with Robert Rental (Mute) and others, he collaborated with Claudia Br?cken (Propaganda) in the duo 'Act,' on the ZTT label of Trevor Horn, known for releasing iconic artists like Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Art of Noise, and Grace Jones.
With 12 tracks and a bonus mix of 'Somnatic,' ‘Conversation Peace’ appears to offer a substantial listening experience. Leer's reputation as a master of atmosphere music certainly adds to the album. His musical history and the variety of influences he brings to his work likely contribute to the depth and tone of the album. Thomas Leer is regarded as a significant figure in representing quality music from Scotland. His contributions to the music industry, particularly within the new wave and atmospheric genres, have earned him a reputation as a flag bearer and beacon for the music that Scotland has to offer.


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