Café Nirvana

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There is a theory: a strong correlation lies between music and state of mind. Café Nirvana is a living proof to this theory.

Café Nirvana is the latest episode in the Avatar Spirit's Café series. A saga that took off on a voyage around the world. With stops in some of the most iconic landmarks. The tracklist includes an exotic lineup of artists, some tracks and mixes previously unreleased and appear here for the first time.
Several cuts were assembled and composed, taylor made specially for Café Nirvana.
From pure chillout to ambient house, A fusion of music that will Indulge your senses and redefine your perspectives. A repose that will balance your tranquility levels. An escape to the known and the unknown..
For the last two decades, Avatar's Café series features eternal essentials, and has become a source of inspiration for other labels who followed the concept and the paved path. Café Nirvana stands for its name and delivers spirit elevating blessed beats and chilled vibes that will enhance your nirvana levels.
A continuing voyage and a new one getting started..
Relax your body and soul, dive into Café Nirvana and surrender to the vibe.

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