Lumen - UK

UK based Chris Conklin is the man behind Lumen.
Lumen was always known for not following the footsteps of other artists, and actually has generated a style unique to him. Even his first trance album sounded different than stuff done at that time.
He was also rather picky, when selecting artists for mutual collaborations.
His singles Toffee In My Teeth and Way Up In The Air are some of his famous psytrance releases.

After a three years pause since his first album Infomania on Psychic Deli Records in 2000, his Esperanto album came out on Avatar.
Esperanto does not sound like his first album. This time he went in a totally different direction.
This is a nine track album (not in total..), that ranges from relaxed downbeat and airy chillout to dub, via a touch of experimental semi industrial ambient. If you wait a few minutes after the last track, there is a hidden track..

Lumen has collaborated on several tracks with other artists, and co-written with Peter Martin (Slide), Gus Till (Zen Lemonade / Bumbling Loons), and Leo Bergman.
Chris Conklin has also previous collaborations with UX, and a mutual project under the name Axiom with former Juno Reactor member - Mike Maguire. In addition to that, Lumen has several singles on Transient, Psychic Deli, Phantasm and Peyote, tracks on compilations, and had a side project as Stripper on Flying Rhino.

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