Music For CoffeeShops

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In the name of Music and Art: Avatar Spirit and its prestigious Café series dedicates this chapter to the Coffee Shops.
We have gathered a collection of tunes from a spectrum of contemporary musicians. From dub and chill to rasta and reggae. Music for CoffeeShops has just the right combination and blend of music, to get you into the atmosphere: lyrical melodies from prestigious names in the field, as well as newcomers: Dreadzone are here with their heavenly 'Out of Heaven', the legendary Kumba Mela Experiment, Boris Blenn with his Jupiter 8000 project, Baba Doof, brand new ones from Overdream, Yaman Shaman, Psychoz & Tara Putra and more..
Some world debuts are here, aside special cuts and rare tracks that evoke smoke and essence of special aroma...
Eleven tranquilizers are here, to make your weekend or the weekday a more relaxed one.

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