Yoga Mantra

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For centuries, man and earth have been connecting through Yoga. It is believed that Yoga came into existence at the beginning of human history, when Patanjali, a legendary Indian sage described the process of self-actualization that lies embedded in all human beings. He called it self-realization, since in this state of 'Yoga Dhyaan' he underwent an absolute awareness of his inner self.
Yoga is primarily a process of self-culture that enables one to turn inwards and concentrate on their inner self. The process of Yoga pertains to the control of the mind, and the thought in the physical organs, the breath, and senses. It is an intensely personal and a spiritual exercise that aims at attainment of spiritual perfection or self- realization. It enables one to attain a deeper understanding of one's unconscious thoughts through using concentration techniques. This album consists of these obscured silent Yoga mantras that channel one's awareness into a more positive direction by totally transforming one's state of mind.
Yoga Mantra is the perfect backdrop for yoga practicing, meditation, and relaxation.

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