Celtic Cross- Hicksville

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Celtic Cross is a saga created by Simon Posford of Hallucinogen, together with
Saul Davis and Martin Glover (Youth). Saul Davis is known from James, and he works with Mark Hunter on Watershed. Martin Glover from Killing Joke arrives to this project after previous work with Blue Pearl, The Orb, Adam Ant and Ben Watkins.
Hicksville is a timeless classic. A wonderful journey through sound. Celtic ambiance and mysterious atmosphere play a meaningful role here, like on the fantastic Jade Garden and Khatmandu - one of the peaks of the album. The wands of Simon Posford and Youth are felt throughout the production.
Hicksville is the sole album from this one if its kind collaboration of Celtic Cross. The album was defined as "distinctly atmospheric, a journey of enlightenment, the definitive navigational map for inner and outer cosmic exploration".
If you like Shpongle, you ought to listen to Hicksville.

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