oCeLoT - USA / Portugal

The oCeLoT project is a creation of Aaron Peacock, an electronic music producer since 1993.
Aaron spent the 90s largely in California, and was drawn to the San Francisco scene of that time with such collectives as CCC, and with such artists as Goa Gil and Kode IV influencing the scene of the time.

However, he did not achieve early success, despite vinyl releases in 1995 "Blue Spotted Frog EP", etc.., and he remained in the studio, working on a new sound for the future.

oCeLoT music began in the year 2000, and has become associated with feelings of deep psychedelia for strong trips, strong and well tuned kicks and basslines that jump out (none of this thud wawawa stuff- more of dun,D,D,dun,D,D...), melodies that you remember in your dreams, cutting edge explorations of tonality and resonance, and the feeling that each track is a unique gem, unlike any other. This is the opposite of formula psychedelia.

There is imagination and wonder in the oCeLoT sounds. Now, Aaron has turned his attention to relaxation and chillout music, and the distillation of the last 4 years of playing with chill sounds results in the first oCeLoT chillout album for earth, proudly released on Avatar Records under the title of 'One', as befits a debut such as this.

The unique sounds have propelled Aaron on a perpetual world-wide tour.
Look for oCeLoT sounds on a party near you!


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