Synchro - Born In California

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Born in California is the 4th album from Amsterdam based DJ Synchro (Jeroen Van Garnilg). He is one of Holland's respected DJs/producers. The album includes "Kiss This" and "Atomik", that were extensively played by DJs in Europe and USA.

Synchro is mostly known in Europe, with releases on Trust In Trance, TIP, Hadshot Haheyzar, Krembo, Boom and POF. He has also collaborated with: GMS, 3.Turn, Planet Ben, Tarsis and more.. His first release came out on M-Track, a label owned by Amsterdam Mazzo club, where Jeroen was doing lights. The breakthrough came after he released "Chromium Dioxide" back in 1996, under his other name Three State Logic. A killer pumping track that was played in every party back then.

In addition to Three State Logic, Jeroen has a side project called Z to A with the help of Zoie from Ireland, known for her vocals on "Next Stop Oblivion", one of the biggest hits in the late 90s. In 1997 he released his "Science Friction" album on TIP. Later, 2 more album on the late Nova Tekk label from Germany.

Born in California on Avatar is his latest album, and is considered to be his best. Enjoy..!

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