Retrodelic Vibes 8

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After letting the dust settle from our previous Retrodelic Vibes, we are back on track with Retrodelic Vibes 8 | Retrospective, the latest in the series of the bible of psytrance. As always, respectable names are here along with rare professional files. Memorable and beloved anthems that we can't forget, all brilliantly remastered and glowing.
Retrodelic Vibes preserves the legacy and heritage, providing a stable flow of oxygen and legendary oldschool classics for retro-heads and for those who can appreciate good electronic music.
A solid ground and a sense of security when it comes to true classics. Always with a finger on the trigger. all in memory of the good Ol' days.
Retrodelic Vibes 8 | Retrospective was constructed and formed from full power diamonds, carefully selected and ready to roll…

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