Retrodelic Vibes 5

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What were gonna do right here is go back…back in time….back to the forests…back to the open air..
Welcome to Retrodelic Vibes 5. RV is the melting pot of Goa trance and has been crowned numerous times by connoisseurs as the official trance bible. The RV series features some of the best trance tunes from the good ole' days. After letting the dust settle from RV 4, we can clearly say that this 5th chapter features timeless and eternal tracks from the heart of the party scene. All lovingly re-mastered and sound improved specially for this compilation by no other than Avi Algranati, who gave a strong back wind to the project.

The making of RV5 took a long time. After going over dozens of old DAT tapes, and after taking in consideration special requests from people and friends all over the world, we have managed to come up with this exquisite and impressive track list. Among the tracks are a few that there is no telling how many of us have been looking for… This album is crystallized and at the same time has a slight diversity in style.

The projection of The Retrodelic Vibes enterprise left its fingerprints and goes beyond this album. There is no controversy about its contribution in preserving the roots and foundations of today's music. Retrodelic Vibes 5 Deja-vu guaranteed..! .

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